Euralille 3000 in Lille

Designed and made in the eighties and ninety, the Euralille 1 project focused on a large-scale «Eurometropolitan» strategy with the arrival of high-speed trains in the heart of the city. This new configuration placed Lille 1 hour 30 from London, 1 hour from Paris, 38 minutes from Brussels… and at the center of a commercial and tourist catchment basin of over 50 million people. Lille had to scale and integrate a

European geographical space beyond its borders. The Dutch architect and urbanist Rem Koolhaas of OMA, winner of the competition for the development of the ZAC Euralille 1, evoked at that time the need of a «quantum leap».

After twenty years of existence, Euralille 1 is definitely a traffic network node and combines all metropolitan

requirements in terms of mobility and transport. But as Koolhaas said, the project has not reached the «critical mass», that is to say a point of effervescence and volume of activities, conditions that would allow Euralille to acquire the European hub status necessary for this urban piece to live more intensely.


Location Lille (FR)

Client SAEM Euralille



Team Saison Menu architectes urbanistes with YTAU (Project director : Yannick Troubat), TN+, IOSIS, RFR Elements

Status Study 2009

YTAU Yannick Troubat Architecture Urbanisme


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