Inaugurated in 1996, the Naples City of Sciences was destroyed by fire on the night of March 4, 2013. Visited annually by hundreds of thousands of people, it was one of the two major science museums of Italy and among the most important of southern Europe.

The Science City is today as a large tray on which different functions are distributed whose cohesion does not seem optimal. The project is an opportunity to reconfigure the site.

Lifting up from the ground, the new City of Science generates a large open space wide opened on the Puozzoli Golf. This public space will be a true metropolitan equipment connected to the network of public spaces of the future Bagnoli.

In dialogue with industrial buildings of Bagnoli, the Ring of Science offers a « halle » space typology and focuses on functionality and efficiency in the service of the museum.

This neutral circular space easily adapts to the museum program of the competition to offer light conditions and specific spaces.

Program Reconstruction of the Science Centre

Location Naples (IT)

Client Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza

Size 8 800 m2

Cost 33 300 000 EUR Excl. tax

Team YTAU (Project director: Yannick Troubat, Project architects: Sophie Meyer, Joanna Litzler)

Status Competition 2015