The river eco-district project covers an area of 220 hectares, along the Seine in the communes of Mantes-la-Jolie and Rosny-sur-Seine. The purpose of this project is to create it a lively, accessible to all distric, which revives the river and its basin, through exceptional moods and quality of life.

25% of assignable space will be devoted to housing, public facilities, sports and leisure facilities, shops, services... and 75% will be dedicated to public spaces: parks, community gardens, nature areas, marina, public transport service , soft transport…
The river eco-district received the Grand Paris label. This

label is to showcase and promote projects that contribute to the identity, visibility and architecture of the Grand Paris and the improvement of living conditions of the inhabitants.

Program 5 500 dwellings, commercial areas, services, public facilities, public spaces
Location Mantes-la-Jolie & Rosny-sur-Seine (FR)
Client Etablissement Public du Mantois Seine Aval (EPAMSA)
Size 220 hectares
Team Agence Ter (Landscape urbanism) agent with YTAU (urbanism, Project director : Yannick Troubat), JCAU, Franck Boutté Consultants, Infraservices
Status In progress