57 APARTMENTs in Lille

This striking housing project in Lille, France is conceived as a series of green terraces based on traditional rice fields in Asia.  The segmentation of the building mass produces porous programmatic blocks with a strong

sculptural form that will impact the site in an urban and domestic scale. The division between buildings allows for a grand urban opening with recreational areas at ground floor. The residences benefit from excellent views to the

city and stunning green terraces that control the air flow and light incidence through the entire complex.

Program 57 dwellings, retail
Location Lille (FR)
Client Saem Euralille & City of Lille
Size 5 445 m2
Cost 7 000 000 EUR Excl. tax
Team Saison Menu architectes urbanistes agent with YTAU (Project director : Yannick Troubat), Hexa ingénierie, Vilogia
Status Competition 2010

YTAU Yannick Troubat Architecture Urbanisme


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