The site is located at the intersection of lines of very high intensity. On the one hand, the district of Thirty-six Streets is one of the densest in the world with 84,000 inhabitants per km2. On the other, a flood district was formed illegally on the bank of the Red River. Between these two living spaces allows a device to move at high speed without its development creates the necessary safety conditions. Finally, a railway bridge superimposed on this background already loaded additional infrastructure. The voltage from the physical configuration of the site reached its peak under the

impact of programs and their flows: ultra-dense housing, railway station, bus station and bus station, day market and night market. Talking congestion is not enough when it comes to real asphyxiation. Moreover, the city’s authorities plan to move more than 25 000 inhabitants in a new urban center in order to «preserve and valorise» district Thirty-six streets. Market and bus station are also to be relocated.

In proposing to perpetuate this explosive situation of remarkable intensity, the project offers an alternative to

prosecution. This is to resolve the issue on site without the forced relocation of activities or people moving. Implemented on top of the device, the last open space sector, an architectural and urban welcomes device spontaneously implemented programs and absent outreach programs of the initial situation to the residents. Existing flows as well as those generated by the new activities are organized efficiently and securely. Housing created in the roof are primarily attributed to residents of adjacent neighborhoods and allow to release the banks of the Red River flood landscaped urban park.

Program Construction of a transportation hub, stores, cinemas, housing, office spaces, park and more

Location Hanoi (VN)

Client International Union of Architects (UIA)



Team YTAU (Project director : Yannick Troubat)

Status International competition CelebCities 3 «MaxMix Cities», First Prize