Aquatic Plain, Sevran

In 2016 OSE asks us to renovate its headquarter in Paris. This association provides assistance to disadvantaged children as well as healthcare services since 1912. The existing headquarter consists of three different buildings located on a long and narrow parisian plot. OSE wants to rethink the interior spaces as well as the site management in order to create the best condition for the visitors and the staff.

Our main guideline is to amplify and extend to the entire OSE site this almost domestic feeling of intimacy that we felt during our visits. This approach makes it possible to

unify the three existing buildings and forms the basis of the layout of the working spaces, the activity rooms, the common facilities such as the cafeteria or the meeting rooms and the reception and circulation areas. We work soft and diffuse light, sober and warm materials, a variety of spaces from the intimate to the collective and a great clarity of the movement so that one easily finds its way and a certain quietude.

On this long and narrow plot, the project relies on the conservation of the two existing gardens and is oriented

around. Their landscape and light are the raw material used to create a soothing atmosphere and contribute to the well-being of users. The gardens articulate the continuous space of the ground floor but also the floors between them allowing far and cross views on the whole site. The vegetal of the existing gardens is enhanced by wooden cladding and furniture, aluminum and glass exterior joinery, waxed concrete floor and plaster coated ceilings. This combination provides a warm and sober atmosphere which seems to us particularly appropriate to the OSE activities.

Program Urban park, urban recreation, housing and shops 49 000 m2 SDP, facilities 7 742m2
Location Sevran (FR)
Client EPA Plaine de France, Grand Paris Aménagement, City of Sevran
Size 32 ha
Cost -
Team Promoters / investors : Nexity Apollonia agent (with CDU Immobilier), Bouygues Immobilier, Crédit Agricole immobilier, Eiffage Génie civil, Impact Partenaires
Designers : Saison Menu, YTAU, François Leclerq, Taktyk, Office de Génie Ecologique, Transsolar, EDF
Site managers : Equalia (leisure facilities), AMP (urban agriculture aquaponics), Goupe La Poste (innovative services)
Other team members : CEG (facilities programming and engineering), OswaldOrb (communication), Latournerie Wolfrom (legal expertise)
Status Competition 2017, shortlisted

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