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92 APARTments, Alfortville

This mixed use building explores a new architectural typology as a consequence of the project data. The curved volumetry is shaped to fluidify the mobilities generated by the crossing of structuring streets on the scale of the south of the City of Alfortville. It also acts as a landmark to emphasize the articulation of distinct neighborhoods and accommodate housing despite the narrowness of the plot.

While the ground floor hosts public services and shops intended to activate the public space and animate the neighborhood life, the upper floors are occupied by various types of apartments overlooking the landscape of the Seine nearby.

As a result of the implementation of the building guided by the urban regulation and the desire to articulate the public space, the upper floors are unusually large.

Distribution and natural lighting solutions that make possible to overpass the significant thickness of the building come from the imbrication of different types of apartments: small and large apartments, simplex and duplex, storage boxes on the landings and winter gardens. All these devices enrich the dwelling experience and renew the traditional uses in an apartment building.

Program 92 appartments 6 000 m2, shops and activities 1 000 m2
Location Alfortvile (FR)
Client City of Alfortville, Logial OPH
Size 3 570m2

Cost -
Team YTAU (Project director: Yannick Troubat) agent, Expertise Urbaine, Atelier Jours, Infraservices
Status Study 2015-2016

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