PSA site, now in a transient state, is emerging as an area with many opportunities. The decline of the automotive market has resulted in the closure of the factory, but the potential of those 180 hectares remains immense. Exceptional service and exciting surrounding projects are essential assets to restore the economic success of this space. The project La Fabrique offers innovative solutions to meet new space requirements. It design a hybrid industrial area capable of attracting new industry players.

In this future neighborhood workplaces maintain a

renewed relationship with other urban functions: housing, transport and public space. The development of the roaming and the emergence of a new connected generation incite imagine this hybrid area where the places we knew them weave new connections while physical or virtual third places are emerging in unprecedented conditions. The public space becomes the support of new uses, new people and new exchanges. Place of exhibition, experimentation, demonstration, it connects and brings together production units and individuals.

Consistent with the historic economic identity of the site, La Fabrique offers a central place to new mobility. «Smart» transport and soft mobility will structure the development of the site. At the same time, it will be attractive for innovative companies in the field of new connectivity and transport of the future.

Location Aulnay-sous-Bois & Gonesse (FR)
Client PSA Peugeot Citroën
Size 180 ha
Cost Confidential
Team Constructa Urban Systems mandataire / City Linked / Agence Ter Paysagistes Urbanistes avec YTAU (Project director: Yannick Troubat) / Franck Boutté Consultants / Jacques Ferrier Architectures / Sensual City Studio / Viatec
Status In progress