Each folie has its function, its logic, its treatment and its characteristics: they are all different but all have something in common. Their presence electrifies the Seine park and create intensity points on the path of visitors. They fit superimposed on the landscape shapes generated by nature as a new layer of reality. This complementary relationship between natural and artificial found the ultra-contemporary approach that we implement for these folies.

Program Various small buildings and facilities for the future landscaped park along the Seine
Location Carrières-sous-Poissy (FR)
Client Communauté d’Agglomération des Deux Rives de Seine (CA2RS)
Size 20 ha, 1 900 m2
Cost 5 200 000 EUR Excl. tax
Team Agence Ter (agent) with YTAU (Project director: Yannick Troubat), Hexa ingénierie
Status Competition 2011

YTAU Yannick Troubat Architecture Urbanisme


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